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"... Megan's hilarious sessions with Dr. Corbin."

"3 Strikes is a cute show and a fun watch."

"Their interaction is fresh and funny; Mary Passeri steals the show."

-WebVee Guide

"Sarah McLean has a brilliant webseries."

-Casting Director Bonnie Gillespie


Megan's life is turned upside down when she is suspended from her pro softball team and forced to coach a misfit high school team. Karma can be a real a b*tch. And so can Megan.

SEASON 1: EPISODE 1 "Groundhog Day"

Dr. Corbin challenges Megan to let go of her past.

SEASON 1: EPISODE 6 "The Muddy History of the Spanish Inquisition"

SEASON 1: EPISODE 5 "God's Chosen People"

SEASON 1: EPISODE 4 "The Empire is Always Right"

SEASON 1: EPISODE 2 "A Different Kind of Indian"

SEASON 1: EPISODE 8 "Let Me Put This In Terms You Can Understand..."

With the help of Dr. Corbin, Megan comes to a grueling realization.

SEASON 1: EPISODE 7 "You Can't Always Get What You Want"

Megan's latest therapy session doesn't go exactly as she had hoped.

Megan gives the team a motivational speech after another loss.

Megan's parents offer her some sage advice.

SEASON 1: EPISODE 3 "Not Mary Tyler Moore"

Dr. Corbin tries to get Megan to discuss her "anger issues".

Megan's anger is pushed to the brink by Deb; the girls attempt their first sleepover.

Megan gets a pleasant surprise about her softball team. Can she keep it together or will she get her first strike?

SEASON 1: EPISODE 9 "Sympathy For the Devil"