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"... Megan's hilarious sessions with Dr. Corbin."

"3 Strikes is a cute show and a fun watch."

"Their interaction is fresh and funny; Mary Passeri steals the show."

-WebVee Guide

"Sarah McLean has a brilliant webseries."

-Casting Director Bonnie Gillespie


Sarah McLean is an actor, writer, and improvisor. When not playing softball to 'stay in shape' you can  find her performing at iO West with her group Danger Snack. She can be seen in an epsiode of "A Supermodel Stole My Husband" on AOL.



SARAH MCLEAN - "Megan", Executive Producer

Mary hails from San Francisco where she got her first break into the acting world when Mrs. Foster cast her as the Angel Gabriel in the 3rd Grade Christmas pageant! Once the acting bug bit her, it never let go. After the 3rd grade she took a long hiatus until she later performed in a lot of plays you probably never heard of and some other ones that maybe you did. Then she decided to throw caution to the wind and come to Los Angeles to pursue her passion! You can see her in some TV shows like Scrubs, Desperate Housewives, The Middle and Good Luck Charlie. She is thrilled to be a part of the talented cast of 3 Strikes!! Thank you Sarah!


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MARY PASSERI - "Dr. Jane Corbin"

Gina Brown knows nothing about softball, just like her sarcastic and bad-girl character, Brittany. She does know acting after earning her BFA and graduating Magna Cum Laude at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. She loves her career in LA as an actor, writer, dancer, singer, and improvisor. Doing it for the LOVE of art.






GINA BROWN - "Brittany"

Debbie Friedman is an actor, improviser, storyteller living in Los Angeles.  She hosts and produces True Story, a comedic storytelling show at iO West.  You can see her improvising around town with her four woman team, Danger Snack, her murder mystery team, Mr. Body, and her brand new iO West house team, Hooligan.  


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Hailing from Minneapolis, MN, Sarah Grace got a BFA in Acting at Columbia College Chicago before heading west to Los Angeles. She performs comedy at iO West, among other theaters around the city, and has enjoyed doing voiceover work for several clients including Google, Big Boy, and several audiobooks. Off-camera, she enjoys playing softball and soccer and has a serious knack for getting bruises in the process.

Chelsea Gross is originally from Philadelphia, PA but now lives in LA pursuing comedy. An actor and writer, Chelsea also does stand-up and has, in a short period of time, already performed at the Hollywood Improv twice. She has also co-created her own series of comedic shorts titled "Cuties in the Crowd".


Check out her YouTube channel for more original work!  





Sarah McLean Mary Passeri Debbie Friedman Chelsea Gross Sarah Grace Wright



JENNY MILANI - "Charlie"

Originally from Plano, Texas, Jessica Richards attended the University of Texas in Austin where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Radio, Television, Film. With her dog in tow, she moved to Los Angeles to fulfill her dream of becoming a soap opera star! She is a graduate of iO West and a member of SAG-AFTRA.

Briers was born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina.  Despite her love for the south and sweet tea, she moved to Los Angeles soon after graduating from Wake Forest University.  The role of Shannon Silva in "3 Strikes" has been a welcome challenge for the young actress.  She underwent an intense physical and training regiment prior to prepare to play a softball player.  On set she is known for being a prankster and loves to rally the cast for a good meal at Toast after a long day of shooting.  In her free time, she enjoys running, reading, and daydreaming about adopting a puppy.  She thanks Sarah for the opportunity to be a part of "3 Strikes" and looks forward to continuing to work on the series.



Jennifer's favorite “chillaxing mode” is kicking back with a beer and some meat hot off the grill. She finds cooking shows therapeutic, is an obsessive tooth brusher., and a Star Wars geek all the way! She's a trained singer, holding a BFA in Musical Theater. A Minnesota girl who’s aching to travel to Italy to meet extended family! If she could go to Egypt and dig up a mummy she would probably die from excitement. As an iO West graduate, she loves performing with her imrov team, MN Nice (yes, they're all from MN. And they're nice) British murder mysteries may be an unhealthy addiction.

CHELSEA GROSS - "Stephanie"

Jenny Milani Briers Newman Abby Walla

ABBY WALLA - "Taylor"



Amy Schloerb was in that Geico commercial with the panther. She was not the panther. She is also the creator of "SchloerBITS" an animated comedy series. Look for her in the upcoming comedy-hacker-adventure series Hacker Gamez. Here are some links to explore!




Hacker Gamez


Alyssa Vaughan is a person. She likes things. If you want to know more about her follow these links:



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LA Casting

Cuties in the Crowd 2


Abby Walla is from Minneapolis, MN and a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Abby trains at Actors Comedy Studio and is working toward building a career acting in sitcoms. Additionally, Abby is writing and producing the web series, 'Home Brewed', and learning to play the ukulele. Recent television credits include The Middle and Switched at Birth.




Alyssa Vaughan Amy Schloerb

JOEY SCHOW - Director, Producer

DAVID GAITAN - Director of Photography

BRAD ALLEN- 1st Assistant Director


LALO ARENAS - 1st Assistant Camera

MICHAEL PAZMINO - Camera Operator

Gina Brown Joey Schow David Gaitan Brad Allen Michael Eagle-Hall Michael Pazmino Lalo Arenas Jessica Richards