3 Strikes Promo Photo featuring Sarah McLean and Mary Passeri









"... Megan's hilarious sessions with Dr. Corbin."

"3 Strikes is a cute show and a fun watch."

"Their interaction is fresh and funny; Mary Passeri steals the show."

-WebVee Guide

"Sarah McLean has a brilliant webseries."

-Casting Director Bonnie Gillespie





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3 Strikes is the ONLY scripted series about softball. Megan, a professional softball player, gets suspended, is forced to move back home with her parents, attend anger management therapy and coach at her old high school. Karma can be a real b*tch. And so can Megan.


April 28th - This Thursday is your second chance to win a cast-signed 8x10 photo. Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the details. Trivia will be based on episode 4-6. Good luck!

May 17th - It's our season 1 finale! Check out the last episode of the season THIS Wednesday, May 21st. Also, it's your LAST chance to win a cast-signed 8x10 photo. Trivia contest will be Thursday, May 22nd and will be based on episodes 7-9. Good luck!

April 17th - Check out writer/creator and star Sarah McLean as she talks sports, softball and 3 Strikes on the Sports Without Balls podcast!

May 26th - Check out WebVee Guide's awesome review of season 1 right here.

June 1st - Creator and Executive Producer Sarah McLean talks about the roadblocks she faced in trying to get 3 Strikes made. Read her article here.